What’s new

  • Insha Allah, next CHIS gathering is on September 5th at 7pm.
  • June 17 2015, construction permit issued.
  • Apr 20 2015, applied for construction permit. May 29th revised.
  • Feb 27 2015, Alhamdulillah, received ZCP enabling our contractor to apply for construction related permits.
  • Feb 2015, signed the contract with CNS Builders to start the construction phase. Total cost to make the place ‘prayer ready’ is about $150K. May Allah reward you for generous contributions and please continue to donate generously for this noble cause.  All donations are tax deductible.
  • Jan 2015, submitted revised ‘Final Plan” application.
  • Oct 2014, submitted the ‘Final Plan’ application.
  • Sept 2014, the Chapel Hill Community Design Commission approved alternative buffers (privacy fence instead of vegetation on 3 sides).
  • June 2014, Chapel Hill Town Planning Board approved 103 Stateside Drive for use as a  masjid.  The approval is subject to construction of driveway and parking spaces, privacy fence and vegetation buffers, bio-retention for storm water, and renovations inside the building to make it handicapped accessible.

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